Trixie Tang, the great bullyhearder, protector, cat-hunter and matriarch queen B, not bee!

It's been a few days since I posted last. Some personal, family matters, plus work, and time gets away from us. You too? Welcome back!

Tonight's antics brought to us compliments or complaints of Trixie.

As you can see from the photo, Harley, for once, is not involved. He's contentedly cleaning his paws in preparation for sleep. He seems to be almost totally blind these days, but is still happy ole dude Harley. One of the coolest, needy, funny, uniquely Harley pugs I've ever been blessed with. He's chilling and just about asleep as I write this.

We're still working with Gibby a bit, teaching him that the bed is only for winding down, cuddling, and sleeping in our home. Minimal playing. It's our family den, in essence. A safe place.

Since he's still very much a puppy in maturity, but one of the more intelligent dogs I've know. Zeus is still a bit ahead of him, in that he and I actually converse and understand each other. Not totally a talking dog, yet. I'll try to get it on video soon.

The main challenge we are encountering with Gibby is puberty. He's so happy and playful, but tends to have a "switch", or "trigger" that causes him to go beyond self control aggressive. Those damn teenagers! **Shakes fist in the air** (Reference song "Teenagers")

Tonight, he got on the bed, made his rounds and turned his tail toward me for a hip joint massage. Soon, Trixie was jealous that I was petting him instead of her. They played for a minute until Gibby was distracted by Zeus. Trixie slid into my lap for pets while Zeus and Gibby played; both of them chewing on the other's lower jaw. I know neither was trying to hurt the other, because they obviously could have.

As the boys played, more growling and a bit more aggressive, Trixie got up from where she'd been closely overseeing the way Gibby played with her Zeus, from the comfort of my lap. She lowered her shoulders and head onto the bed and slid between the two, as Gibby began the ascent into madness. She layed there, between them preventing Gibby from biting Zeus for real. Deirierr sticking up toward the ceiling, she waited until Gibby got down off of the bed.

Then she sat next to Zeus and kept a lookout for the Gibby dog.

I couldn't help but giggle about the fact that she is so exactly like the title of this post. Also smart as a whip.


Happy New Year! Here's to a better 2021!❤️

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