Glazes... Locally sourced or corporate brands?

When we opened in 2019, we started out with a brand name product line for our glazes. The colors are vibrant and don't have a lot of frit (glass particles), so aren't highly glossed once fired.

We were originally hand glazing (dipping went terribly!) with a clear coat in order to ensure all pieces came from the kiln firing with a nice high shine gloss.

As our business grew and clientele numbers increased early in the year, we found ourselves spending a lot of time brushing on glaze.

Our dry minerals used in making casting slip are locally sourced, so we went to the same small business to inquire about their glaze line.

Their glazes are high gloss, if applied correctly and do not require any additional clear coating, most of the time. Some of them have more frit than other colors and tend to "flow" more during firing. This can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the painter's desired results.

The local glazes that we carry are cost effective, local, all natural, food safe, non toxic, and non staining.

We are currently considering carrying some of the brighter colors from the corporate brand, but will always carry the local brand. This will allow everyone to create more closely to what their mind is envisioning.

Stay tuned! IF we can receive any grant funding for this business, we'll be submitting glaze orders ASAP.

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